Germaine Paulus – “FAINTING” HC Limited
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Germaine Paulus – “FAINTING” HC Limited



Germaine Paulus

Sex & Crime Noir novel



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He looked at the skyline, the face of the city, shaped by financial towers. Lights everywhere. Lies underneath. And we expose them, he thought. Each in their own way. Wegmann, digging in the dirt. Rebecca, doing the same in bodies. And you, you find the shit in their souls.”

January 2003: A car crashes, a body turns up, and a killer dies. What begins as a coincidence evolves into a web of sex, doubt, power, and murder. It could be Chief Inspector Gerd Wegmann’s last case.

FAINTING. A Sex & Crime Noir thriller.


Limited Hardcover-Edition


FAINTING is the third volume in the Gerd Wegmann series and the first to be translated into American English.
The books build on each other, but can also be read as stand-alone novels. Welcome to the big bad city.


„Auf den dann folgenden rund 500 Seiten ihres neuen Romans hält Germaine Paulus in meisterlicher Art dann alles, was ihr Verlag auf dem Cover verspricht.“ (Saarbrücker Zeitung)

“In the following 500 pages of her new novel, Germaine Paulus masterfully delivers everything her publisher promises on the cover.” (Saarbrücker Zeitung)


„Paulus ist eine Meisterin der harten Sprache und schnellen Schnitte.“ (zauberwelten-online)

“Paulus is a master of harsh language and fast cuts.” (zauberwelten-online)


„mörderisch spannend, dunkel-romantsich“ (Stefan Jung, Deadline – the Moviemagazin)

“murderously gripping, darkly romantic” (Stefan Jung, Deadline – the Moviemagazin)


„Spannend, brutal, empfehlenswert.“ (Til Frowin Breitenbach, Lovelybooks)

“Thrilling, brutal, recommendable.” (Til Frowin Breitenbach, Lovelybooks)



Soundtrack to the novel, compiled by the author herself